Why work with us?

By Incredible Co

At Incredible Co, we ask better questions. Why do you need a website? Who are your customers? What do they want from your business?

Then we work with you to formulate a plan. A plan which not only includes what your website should look like but also how it should perform. From that point on, we are working together towards a common goal. 

The first question we often get asked is, how much does a website cost?

The quick answer is — We are a small studio. Our costs are typically much less than our larger competitors.

You can expect to purchase a website from us for between $2k — $6k.

We do build websites that exceed $10k but these are rare cases. Several of our $10k websites have turned over $100k.

Realistically though, without knowing why you need a website etc., this is a difficult question to answer. On the surface, all websites appear to be not much more than a collection of words and images, but how those words are written and presented makes all of the difference to your bottom line. Your images are equally as important and these are just two of the many factors that determine how successful your website is or not.

Understand too that when purchasing a website you are investing in your business. And all investments have an element of risk. As is often the case, the less you are prepared to risk, the less you can expect from the reward.

So why work with Incredible Co?

Work with us because we understand the risks. We understand that you are investing in your business. And we understand that there is more to your website than just a collection of words and images. Work with Incredible Co, because we care about your business and your continued business success.

Philip Bretherton
Director of Incredible Co