Top 5 Visually Stunning Websites of 2017

Every year, more and more visually spectacular websites make an appearance.

These are not limited to web games, but interactive graphic novels, business websites and even online shopping platforms! Here are my top 5 visually stunning websites of 2017.

The Boat

To acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and Vietnamese resettlement in Australia, SBS released an animated, interactive graphic novel. The “astounding and original piece of work”, The Boat, tells the story of 16-year-old Mai and her escape after the Vietnam War. This powerful short fiction story was based off a novel by Nam Le and was adapted by Matt Huynh. The animated graphic novel is solely distributed over the web.

The Boat tells a powerful story and is accompanied by magnificent graphics that truly immerse you in the experience. Whilst you read the story, you are presented with accompanying images and animated illustrations; similar to that of a comic book. The creators have done an amazing job in developing a product that not only recognises the events of this time but, educates viewers in an interesting and gripping way.

Revolucion de Cuba

Revolucion de Cuba is a bar and restaurant dedicated to providing a genuine Cuban experience to their guests. It is very important for companies to create an engaging, memorable and customer-focused online experience, that builds brand and drives bookings. Revolucion de Cuba does just that. The website features stunning images and a vibrant colour scheme that immediately takes you on a Cuban adventure. Revolucion de Cuba’s website also features a variety of articles about Cuban culture, food, lifestyle topics amongst many more; Revolucion de Cuba truly has everything you could want to create the perfect Cuban experience.

To effectively bring in customers and create a memorable image for your business, you have to create a striking website full of spectacular imagery, elements that inspire, and an eye-catching colour scheme to top it all off. Revolucion de Cuba has done exactly that.

Busk ‘til dawn/ Genesis Noir

Busk ‘til Dawn, created by Feral Cat Den, is an interactive prologue to the adventure game Genesis Noir. Genesis Noir is a point-and-click game that places emphasis on exploration, simple interactions, and generative art. The story is set before, during, and after the Big Bang and features a unique set of characters where you must ultimately: ‘stop the expansion of the universe to save your love’. Although Genesis Noir is currently in development, Busk ‘til Dawn gives us an interesting insight into what the adventure game will offer.

The initial description for the website Busk ‘til Dawn had me intrigued to play, but it was the simple, yet astonishing, graphics that made me truly fall in love with the game. The incredible opening sequence for the short teaser can only be described as a ‘cosmic panorama’. The world begins to spin in a mind-blowing visual display until you zoom in on a figure under a street lamp with a musical instrument. In this little teaser, you can create and form jazz loops as the character, named ‘No Man’, plays his instrument. The whole experience is visually stunning, and I can’t wait to see the what the full game has to offer.


KREWE is an independent eyewear company that celebrates individual style through culturally inspired frames. The site was designed & development on the Shopify Plus platform. KREWE boasts a very simple and minimalistic design, but the consistency of colours and the fluidity of the page’s elements makes the website extremely pleasing to the eye. The organisation wants to serve as a source of inspiration, and with the amazing imagery presented on each page of the website, you are continually exposed to a flow of idea-generating visuals.

Compared to the some of the others on this list, you may consider KREWE less visually striking than the other websites. Sure, KREWE doesn’t tell a dramatic story and offer an interactive game but, in its own right, is a visually stunning website that was designed to embrace individuality. KREWE flaunts an exceptionally simple design, and despite it only being an online shopping website, gives an outstanding visual experience to all who visit.


Soulwire is minimal, but interesting, interactive website full of experimental code. The creator: Justin Windle, a Creative Developer, likes to play around with code to generate interesting visual displays with the latest web technologies. Soulwire is a super simple website but is oddly entertaining and a great time waster.

When you go to the website, you are presented with a black screen with some little white text across three columns. Now you think ‘this isn’t visually stunning, what is Ana on about?’ Well, click on any of the words in those columns, and you will be taken to a new screen where your creativity can come to life. An example: If you click ‘Tensor Field’ you will be taken to a screen full of rapidly moving particles, and as you move the mouse the particles repel; generating an unpredictable but natural looking motion. This rather simple, yet interesting website is fun to use and a great source of entertainment. Soulwire is the perfect mix of code, animation, interactivity and generative design.

As you can see, these five websites are extremely diverse, some offer entertainment whilst others offer knowledge but ultimately, I believe that these websites are the most visually stunning of 2017 and grant users the most eye-pleasing experience.


Ana Smith
Junior Marketing Assistant