My Initial Thoughts on Canva

Canva is promoted as a user-friendly, easy to use graphic design website with a simple drag-and-drop tool format.

The platform is said to boast a simple layout and its users can vary from amateur designers to large organisations due to the website being so “incredibly easy” to use. I decided to put this to the test by spending an hour playing around with the features and give you my initial views on the platform.

Ease of Access

When I signed up to Canva for the first time, I was surprised to see how simple and easy the website was to use and navigate. Even at the first glance, it’s obvious that Canva was designed to be accessible by everyone.

‘Create a Design’

After taking a quick look at the website, I decided to jump right in and clicked ‘Create a design’. I was surprised by the extensive selection of templates there was to choose from as many websites are limited. The options varied from resumes to Facebook covers to marketing presentations to Tumblr graphics to include just a few.

I chose the type of design I wanted and experimented with the diverse selection of options available. It’s clear to anyone that uses the website that Canva exhibits many impressive design tools and features a copious selection of templates, images, graphics and fonts. Although I spent very little time on the platform, I believe that Canva’s drag-and-drop tool is absolutely amazing and makes creating the perfect design or graphic exponentially easier! I truly feel that Canva supplies the means to turn any idea into a compelling and professional design.

Useful for Businesses

Whilst exploring Canva, I discovered another useful feature: users have the option to create custom designs and templates for their brand and company. I believe this a valuable aspect that would be favoured by many businesses. I think that this feature definitely helps ensure consistency and improve communication between collaborators. By simply adding this small aspect, I can already see that Canva would be a useful platform for companies and group projects.

I Can’t Wait to Discover More

After an hour or two of playing around with the platform’s features, my initial thoughts on Canva is that it is a very useful website and a reliable design tool. If you have little to no skills in graphic design and need a stunning marketing presentation, I think Canva is definitely a website to consider using. I have only spent a small amount of time exploring Canva, but I can already see the application being very useful and a key platform for businesses, students and anyone seeking to create an entirely individual design. This website stands out to me compared to other graphic design applications due it being so easy to use and navigate. Although this is only my initial thoughts on Canva, I would love to come back to this amazing website and dive deeper into all that this platform has to offer. There is definitely more to discover about this "Amazingly simple graphic design software".

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Ana Smith
Junior Marketing Assistant