How to Create an Advertisement Graphic on Canva

Designing and creating an effective Facebook advertisement can be hard if you lack the professional graphic design skills needed.

Canva is stress-free, easy to use platform that features a vast selection of templates, images, graphics and fonts so anyone and everyone can create an amazing product. In this straightforward and easy guide, I’m going to walk you through how to create a stunning advertisement graphic for Facebook on Canva.

First, You Have to Make an Account

To actually use the features Canva has to offer, you need to register an account. This is a very quick and simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes. First, Canva will ask you what brought you to the website, whether it was a for educational purposes, for a large business or just for personal use. This information helps Canva tailor your experience on the website to better fit your needs. In addition to this, you will be directed to a screen where you can choose to either: register with an email, register with a pre-existing Facebook account or register with a Google+ profile. Once you have chosen your account type and input your details, you will be taken to Canva’s home page.

‘Choose Your Design’

Canva’s home page features multiple tabs but the one that you want to click is the big green one labelled ‘choose your design’. This button will take you to a page showcasing the diverse selection of designs you can choose from. To build a Facebook advertisement, scroll down to the very bottom where you will see a section called ‘ads’. In this row, you will see an image with the subheading ‘Facebook Ad’.

Canva’s Features

Once you have selected the type of design, you will be taken to a blank canvas where you can begin to build and customise your Facebook advertisement. To the left of the page, there is a taskbar displaying a variety of features and options that will help you create your ad, each tab gives you access to a diverse collection of images, fonts, and templates.

The first tab is layouts. These pre-designed templates are a great base for your design. All of the templates’ design elements can be edited and adjusted to create your ideal design. The second tab is elements. In this tab, you are given a copious selection of graphic elements like shapes, lines, illustrations and icons, charts, grids and much more. The third tab gives you the opportunity to add text to your design. When making an advertisement, this is a fantastic way to get your marketing message across to the audience. The fourth tab gives you a variety of background colours and patterns for your canvas and the final tab allows you to upload your personal images to use in your design. If you can’t locate a specific graphic, there is also a search function located at the top of every tab.

Building your Advertisement

Now you know where everything is located, you can start building your advertisement. A key feature that makes Canva stand out compared to other design platforms is their drag-and-drop format. This useful tool makes it significantly easier for you to create the perfect media design. All you have to do is click or drag your desired element to the canvas to create your ad. When an item is selected, a heading will appear giving you options that you can use to customise your advertisement (change the colour, transparency, size etc.). Now all you have to do is keep adding graphics and customising your advertisement until your satisfied with how it looks. There are so many options for templates, images and graphics that your final design is only limited by your imagination.

Saving & Sharing Your Advertisement

Once you’ve completed your graphic advertisement, all that’s left to do is share it. In the upper right-hand corner there are three buttons: ‘Download’, ‘Share’ and ‘Order Prints’. Before you post your advertisement to Facebook, it is a clever idea to save your design; so, you can use it on another occasion. This is simply done by pressing ‘Download’ and choosing the file type. Now that you’ve saved your graphic design, you can post your advertisement on Facebook. First, press ‘share’, this will bring up a box with four tabs. Click the ‘social’ tab and then select the Facebook icon. You will have to connect to a pre-existing Facebook account, but then you can type in a caption and post your advertisement. And that’s it, you’re done! You’ve successfully created a graphic Facebook advertisement and shared it. Whether you are a qualified graphic illustrator or a beginner, everyone can create an incredible advertisement with Canva.


Ana Smith
Junior Marketing Assistant