Google Ads Services by Incredible Co

Everyone knows it – Google Ads, like Facebook Ads, is horrible.

Designed to take your money 1st and foremost and provide a useful service 2nd. Both use strategies that make the setup process quick and simple – so that you follow through all the way to checkout – without really caring how effective your advertising campaign is going to be.

Once, thankfully only once, a client (who was managing their own account) was billed over $80 for a single click. This is why I have no respect for Google or Facebook.

Working with us, that client now pays, at the most, 80c per click.

Unfortunately, with regards to Google, they have a monopoly. In competitive industries, you can now expect to see 4 ads at the top of the page, before any organic results and those ads just keep taking up more and more real estate.

As for SEO, it really hasn't changed much in the last 10 years. Google still considers links to your website as votes of confidence. Except for links from Social Media Platforms – which did not exist when this concept was invented – they don't count, which hardly seems fair.

So SEO is kind of tricky and all power to the real SEO experts.

But still, even the No.1 organic result is now towards the bottom of the page – after all those paid Google Ads.

So yeah, Google Ads is horrible – but, also kind of necessary.

This is where we come in.

To lead the fight against the evil Google empire!

To cancel those automated recommendations that lower your optimisation score, thus unnecessarily impacting your CTR (click-through rate) and ignore all irrelevant keyword suggestions before they are auto-applied etc.

On a more serious note, our aim is actually to get you the best clicks for your budget. Not the most, not the lowest priced, but the best.

Clicks from people who are interested in your business and services.

As for the cost, we charge a (surprisingly affordable) fixed fee per month for our services and Google bill you for your ad spend.

Once a month, we'll send you something like this:

Google Ads.png

Along with some notes, strategies and suggestions.

Client satisfaction is important to us, hence we have no lock-in contracts and there is no minimum term, although we do recommend 3 months.


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Philip Bretherton
Founder of Incredible Co