First Impressions of Promo

Throughout many of my earlier articles, I have acknowledged the popularity of video marketing content and how important it is for businesses to create promotional videos for their brand.

As video marketing continues to rise, marketers across the globe are trying to cash in on this fast-growing form of advertisement. But how easy is it to put together your own video content? In this article, I’m going to investigate the video creation platform Promo, by Slidely, and see just how simple it is to create high-quality video marketing content.

What is Promo?

Promo, by Slidely, is advertised as a platform that enables businesses to effortlessly create professional video marketing content without hassle. Promo is said to provide the tools and means to produce premium promotional video content that will successfully: build brand awareness, promote your product and boost viewer engagement. “Promo is the only digital video service that fuses premium footage, quality licensed music and attention-grabbing copy to create instant promotional videos at affordable prices.” (1)

Let’s see if Promo lives up to these statements:

Features and Functionality

After registering an account on Promo, I was instantly transported to a simple homepage that featured a search bar that can be used to search for video clips. The search bar had automatically generated results for the keyword “fun”. I was amazed by how extensive Promo’s library of video clips was and how large the collection was simply for the word “fun”. Promo is said to have a library of over 3 million video clips, and truthfully, I don’t doubt this one bit!

When I searched for videos with Promo, I was presented with two options: ‘Promo Collection’ and ‘Video Results’. The ‘Promo Collection’ is the platforms assortment of “professionally curated videos”. The video clip is already layered with text and a logo, which you can replace with your own to effortlessly personalise your advertisement. I consider this to be an outstanding feature as the template has already been pre-designed to look professional and drive results. If I had a business, all I’d have to do is enter my company’s details and then my marketing video would be complete.

On the other hand, if I wanted to design an advertisement from scratch, I could scroll down to the ‘Video Results’ section which compiled all the video clips that related to my search. When I found a video clip I liked, I was given the opportunity to add licensed music, custom text, and logos. From first impressions, I believe this is a great feature as it enables businesses to create professional marketing content that fits their individual brand and idea, instead of a generic, pre-made template.

Ease of Access

One of the first things you notice about Promo is how easy and efficiently it is to use the platform. I found Promo to be a super user-friendly application with great customer service and informative tutorials. Promo’s layout is super straightforward, so you can successfully navigate the platform and the process of creating video marketing content is even simpler! I also found that Promo’s customer service is highly efficient in providing chat support and helping solve any problems that occur. By making the platform helpful and as easy to use as possible, I believe Promo is making sure that anyone and everyone can make a stunning marketing video.

So, How Useful Is Promo to Businesses?

After spending some time exploring Promo’s features, my initial thoughts on the platform is that it is a fantastic website to create engaging video marketing content at an affordable price. Promo has a seemingly endless collection of video clips and licensed audio, making it quick and easy for businesses large or small to produce professional advertisements.

Despite only spending a limited amount of time exploring Promo, I can already see the application being very useful for businesses; effectively building brand awareness, maximising engagement and successfully advertising products. In addition to this, Promo videos can be easily shared across social media accounts making it an even more user-friendly application for driving marketing results.

Just from first impressions, I believe Promo is certainly a platform all companies, especially small businesses, should consider using to produce premium promotional video content; quickly and efficiently. As video marketing content becomes more and more popular, Promo provides the means to keep your business on top of this trend.




Ana Smith
Junior Marketing Assistant