First Impressions of Buffer

Buffer is advertised as “a new and smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media.” (1)

The application is designed to act as your “Social Media Assistant” by providing the means for a user to create a posting schedule for their social media accounts. “Posts in your queue will be sent out automatically by Buffer, according to the posting schedule that you put in place.” (1) The software application is available for use via various internet browsers, newsreader platforms, and IOS or Android mobile applications. Buffer is said to be the one-stop place for you to organise your posting; making running a social media account simple. Let’s investigate Buffer’s features and see if it really holds up to this statement.

Free Features

After registering an account with Buffer and connecting my pre-existing social media profiles, I was given the option to choose from a variety of plans; each varying in price and features. I chose to use the free plan, which compared to the paid plans, had fewer features that I could use. Although the features may be limited in comparison, I was still able to access a sizable number; enough to satisfy my requirement of the platform. When using the free plan, I had the ability to schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Instagram direct scheduling is said to be coming soon, but until then you can simply schedule a reminder to upload. When scheduling a post, the application offered me several default timeslots based on my current time zone and users are most active. Whilst using the free plan, the platform allows you to queue a maximum of 10 posts and only allows you to schedule the posts of one social media account per platform. In my opinion, for users who are looking to schedule a single social media account per application and don’t need to have access to all the fancy features; this plan is the plan for you.

Paid Features

Buffer’s paid plan grants user’s access to extra features that is said make running a social media account, bringing in followers and satisfying them with your consistent content even easier. If you are willing to spend a little more cash on the application, Buffer offers features such as an RSS feed, suggested links, analytics of posts and active users, an increased limit of 100 posts at once and the option to manage 10 social account profiles. I, personally, am satisfied with the features accessible on the free plan but, if you are really invested in scheduling your posts and understanding how these posts impact your account, then this plan is definitely suited towards you.

Buffer for Business

As a business, you are constantly marketing your brand across a variety of social platforms; this is where Buffer for Business is supposed to help. Buffer for Business is designed to aid in managing social media account for companies and offers even more additional features. These include more specified analytics of statistics and data, team collaboration features such as admin privileges and team access, and various exporting options. If you run multiple business accounts across multiple social media platforms, I believe that Buffer definitely has the potential to help organise posting and maintain consistency throughout your feed. A feature that I thought was highly effective was the ability to choose from a selection of Buffer for Business plans to better tailor the application to your enterprise. Each plan has a varying cost and number of available features, and the plans range from a Small Business to a Large Agency.

Is It Useful?

So, after spending a few hours investigating Buffer and its features, I believe that the platform is useful if you are struggling to maintain multiple social media accounts at once. From first impressions, Buffer seems a great application to ensure consistency and efficiency when posting to your social media accounts and can act as a great means to manage multiple at once. When trying to balance business accounts, I believe that Buffer would be beneficial for companies wanting to make consistent sharing and team collaborations simple. Although, for regular individuals like me, who are capable of maintaining multiple social media accounts without additional aid, I don’t think that an application like Buffer would be of much use. Ultimately, Buffer, from first impressions, seems a great platform for those that need a “social media assistant”, but isn’t a must-have application for every user.




Ana Smith
Junior Marketing Assistant