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How your business looks, defines your audience.

Past Projects  •  Monday 24th April 2023

If your brand looks cheap, amateurish even, that's the type of customer or client you will attract.

This is why, when you really need to impress a client, board of directors or target audience, it pays to look unique.

When you aim to look unique, the message you're communicating is that there is no-one else like you, that your products or services are also unique and that's a powerful sales tool worth investing in.

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Logo and emblem for Projext

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Projext emblem web.png

One of the most difficult aspects of designing something unique is doing so without reducing function or accessibility. A common mistake made by inexperienced designers.

Design that is able to push into new frontiers as well as improve functionality is the ultimate goal of any designer trying to make their mark. We call this approach to design, Intelligent Design and it requires a significant level of understanding of the product and intended audience to achieve.

Get it right and the reward for all this hard work is a more captivating and engaging experience for the end user. Two factors that will help you to sell your products and/or services more effectively.

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Concept design work for mobile

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Whilst it can also be said of other pages, more often than not, the role of the home page is to lead the visitor towards something - an objective, product or service. Sign up forms are also common. 

Understand that the home page is just another step in your marketing / sales funnel and that at any step the possibility of losing your customer is far greater than them moving to the next step.

This is one instance of where intelligent design can be used to increase your funnels success by either reducing the overall number of steps or making each one more efficient.

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Video showreel for Projext

Intelligent design and unique design work well together because both require careful thought and consideration of the product and end user.

With this project I wanted to create a template that challenged the standard row / column configuration. This meant stacking panels onto each other rather than simply to the side or below.

The design itself is quite minimal with a lot of negative space. As you scroll down the page your eyes are led on a journey. In turn this keeps the user more captivated and engaged.

High-quality photos are absolutely critical to this strategy.

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Carefully thought-out intelligent, unique design takes time. Often several months. It also requires a level of skill and craftsmanship not necessary to produce pre-made websites. 

If you're seeking to deliver a richer, more engaging, more meaningful experience for your audience as well as boost your sales / marketing funnels effectiveness - the smart investment is a unique website by Incredible Co.


Philip Bretherton
Founder of Incredible Co



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