About Incredible Co

At Incredible Co, we do things differently, because doing the same thing as everyone else is incredibly boring.

Hello and welcome.

I'm Philip Bretherton, founder of Incredible Co, where we've been doing things differently (and not boringly) for almost 10 years.

Before establishing Incredible Co, I spent a great deal of time in the Games Industry as a Senior Artist and Game Designer working alongside the likes of Nintendo and Sony.

When I founded Incredible Co in 2011, I knew that I wanted to leverage all of that game-making experience and build a business that delivered websites differently to our competitors.

At the time and still, to this day, most of our competitors use WordPress which I felt and continue to feel is a clumsy, cumbersome tool.

Just as we did in the Games Industry, this meant developing my own tools.

I also felt that most websites were very samey looking. Dull and not very interesting. I argued that websites should be more like games — attractive, engaging and above all user-friendly. And this was many years before the terms UI (meaning user-interface) and UX (user-experience) were common terms.

Incredible Co was founded on these two principles, but over the years, a third principle has found its way into our studio.

Not long after establishing Incredible Co, I realised that user-friendly tools and websites were only solving part of the problem. The businesses that we supported needed something more and that turned out to be marketing.

Knowing how marketing and advertising work with your website to produce results is vital to the success of your business. It’s the reason why we stopped just building websites and turned our services towards helping businesses establish themselves and grow online.

Today, everything we do is focussed around this third principle. It’s what makes us truly different from your average website developer.

Because being different, is where you’ll see the most results.

Philip Bretherton
Director of Incredible Co