About Incredible Co

Websites with Online Marketing

Hey there. I'm Philip. Founder and owner of Incredible Co: An independent web design and marketing studio based in Adelaide.

Incredible Co was founded with one goal: To help small businesses survive, compete and thrive in the online world. To do this, you need to really understand how the world wide web operates. That's where I come in.

Online, competition is everywhere. Fearsome, overwhelming competition, providing (pretty much) the same products and services you do, and often, for a cheaper price. How can you compete with that? You may as well give up and many do.

I can't help those businesses.

The businesses and people I can help are:

  1. Prepared to fight for their turf,
  2. Invest in their brand,
  3. Invest in their technology,
  4. Invest in advertising and marketing,
  5. And take risks.

And yes, you have to be willing to do all 5 to survive, compete and thrive! (catchy huh?)

Money is the great enabler. With it, these 5 qualities are all the more manageable and achievable. Yet, often, many startups start up with very little money at all. This turns out to be a very costly mistake in the long run.

Startups need support, guidance, and expertise in their 1st year 

There are entire industries built on proving low-cost websites, logos, and online courses. However, what none of these services offer, is support, guidance, and expertise. There are some online courses that offer support, but these are typically far more expensive than those that do not. 

With websites and branding, it's the same deal.

Whilst you can get a website from as little as $300 (or even free if you're prepared to do-it-yourself) what you don't get is support, guidance, and expertise. This means you're far more likely to end up with an inferior result and, when competition is everywhere, you can't afford to look worse, i.e. less credible, less trustworthy, and less reliable than your competitors.

Let's work together

Incredible Co is small and I like it that way. For you, this is good news because you'll be working with me personally. No secretary, salespeople and client managers burning away your budget. The result is a better, more customised result and typically for about half of the price a mid-sized studio charges.

Personally, I've been working in digital for over 26 years, how's that for expertise? Plus, I've provided support and guidance to hundreds of students, professionals, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. You might find it a bit odd that I don't use WordPress, but, once you get your hands on my superior technology, you'll be glad that, you too, jumped ship (or got off the bandwagon, your choice). 

So, whether you need help with a new website, advertising campaign or marketing strategy, I'm your guy. You can either contact me via email, phone, or, if you're based in Adelaide, in person. The first consultation is on me!

Are you keen to know more?

Or, if you're really brave (wink wink) you can contact me right now.

Philip Bretherton
Director of Incredible Co